About Us

Weilaiya is originated from Germany, where it is used by most luxury beauty salon, providing the perfect skin and hair care solution for all beauticians and hair stylists. We possess ISO22716 and GMPC certificate, ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. All our hair care and skin care products’ core concept are “to make products under pharmaceutical standards”, by creating the best quality products with no additives, pure natural and non-irritating ingredients that is suitable for everyone.

1985 - First started in Frankfurt, Germany

2005 - Formally entered into the China market and named as WEILAIYA

2011 - Develop a series of products that is suitable for Asian

2012 - WEILAIYA expand into e-commerce business

2016 - China Headquarters located in Guangzhou, 5A Business Center, Baiyun Greenland Center

2017 - Certified by ISO22716 and GMPC

WEILAIYA has outlets in over 160 countries and still expanding, with over 3 billion of end consumers using WEILAIYA products.